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Candice Archambault
Certified Aleph-Tav Body System Practitioner
Life Coach


What is the Aleph-Tav Body System?

The Aleph-Tav body system is the Hebrew electromagnetic telecommunication network of the human body. This system is made up of the basic building blocks of all creation: the Hebrew letters. This system controls all the information required for the proper function, shape/form, and animation of the human body. It controls everything the body does to sustain life. It is The Word, it is The Light, and is the Breath of Life that sustains our lives. 


The Aleph-Tav Body is the study of bio-physics from a Hebraic perspective. Its foundation are the Biblical laws and principles that the Creator (YHWH) uses to create and sustain life in the human body, with a special focus on bio-electromagnetism. Each letter of the Hebrew alphabet represents a Control Point which are concentrations of energy located on strategic places of the body (similar to acupuncture points). The control points are connected by Pathways that connect them throughout the body in a manner similar to our circulatory system. 


This system is also a therapy rediscovered and restored by Dr. Monzo, ND who has spent over 11 years working to reestablish the proper understanding of how this network operates to control all functions of the body and developing techniques that restore those functions. Currently, the main application in ATB is a hands-on touch therapy similar to "the laying on of hands" found in Scripture. However, many other applications that include sound, light, essential oils, patches, and lifestyle changes are currently being developed.

** Candice Archambault is a Life Coach, not a Medical Doctor (MD), and therefore does not practice medicine, diagnose, prescribe, nor perform any surgical or medical procedures.

All information, services and products available through Wonderfully Made Indeed! are intended for educational purposes and not meant to replace treatment by a medical professional. **

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