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A Bit About Me . . .

Never could I have imagined for a moment the unexpected twists and turns that this journey of life has had me embark upon!  From my timid first step down this path called nutrition on behalf of my toddler who was given a diagnosis that I was unwilling to accept the medical community’s solution to, I’ve been met by the faithfulness of our Creator who has continued to fill me with a profound sense of awe and worship as I endeavored upon each new research project related to knowing how our bodies work and how our food impacts them – for wellness or for illness


I’ve seen firsthand, deafness healed, asthma and allergies disappear.  Auto-immune issues have reversed themselves.  Leaky Gut Syndrome, gone!  Constipation, gone! My personal battle – devastatingly, over a decade long – with Lyme Disease was miraculously and completely HEALED in a short 18-months, never to recur again!  An excruciating bout with Shingles turned around without the aid of any conventional medical intervention.

  He is the Author and Giver of all life.  He holds all Wisdom, Understanding, and Knowledge.  He desires that you would seek Him out and know His counsel.  He has ABUNDANT LIFE for His children – not just an “okay” life.  He has works preordained for you – specifically you! -  to walk in.  You are not an accident, your life not an after-thought.  You have been created with intent and purpose, with a hope and a future.  Do NOT SETTLE for anything less!


The methods I utilize and adhere to are ones born out of my life’s experiences and countless hours (years, really!) of research.  They will always echo and support the original YHVH-created designs, forms and functions of our body as well as His definition of food.  They will never oppose His created order nor interrupt His divinely designed mechanisms which He has put in play within our bodies.

“How so?” You might ask.  My unwavering answer: “YHVH’s (God’s) solutions working in concert with His designs – not in opposition to them!”


** Candice Archambault is a Life Coach, not a Medical Doctor (MD), and therefore does not practice medicine, diagnose, prescribe, nor perform any surgical or medical procedures.

All information, services and products available through Wonderfully Made Indeed! are intended for educational purposes and not meant to replace treatment by a medical professional. **

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